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Sushi night

Last night, I was invited to a gathering of local nannies and au pairs. Sushi was prepared for dinner, it was very tasty and I even learned a few new tricks 🙂 Sadly I missed most of the prep work but I was able to snap some photo’s Lauren making a sushi roll. Who is also a blogger at

How to put together a sushi roll

– First cover your nori with rice, remember to leave about an inch uncovered where it will over lap when you roll it together.

Remember to dip your figures in water so the rice does not stick to your figures

– Add your ingredients: Lauren choose crab, cream cheese, avocado and a bit of chives
I learned you can wrap the cream cheese in saran wrap and then you can squeeze out the amount you want.

Lauren’s puppy helping out with floor clean up

– Tightly roll it all up

If you want you can even make it a square

– Now cut into pieces
I learned you should dip the knife into water to prevent sticking

– Finish product, good job Lauren


There was lots of food for everyone to eat


My dinner 🙂



Breakfast sandwich

I now have a camera again, it’s on my new i phone 🙂 I am excited to be able to easily post picture right from my phone.

I made a quick lunch at work today, it was so yummy. I made a egg sandwich with Colby cheese and ham on a every thing bagel.


My Lunch


Ok, so maybe it does not look that amazing but it tasted amazing.