Thanksgiving dinner at Jenny’s Teacup

I am very pleased with how successful last night was. We had a wonderful thanksgiving dinner with those friends nearest and dearest to us, what I like to call our chosen family. I had an amazing time spending the weekend with everyone, I am so thankful you guys are in my life. Also, I am glad everyone made it safe to our place, especially those of you who traveled from Rochester. Thank you everyone for all your help πŸ™‚ I am really looking forward to the next one, I am thinking maybe a holiday or new years dinner.

I put the turkey in around 2pm, at this time 5 of the people in the house were napping, Gator included.

I also started my veggie stock, which included scraps of veggies from the past couple months which we kept in the freezer.

Tessa started her corn dish, which was then placed into a crock pot.

After all that I got to watch a couple of episodes of storage wars with some lovely ladies and Gator, who decided he wanted to join us on the couch.

Mashed sweet potatos

-5 sweet potatoes
-1 one banana I used two but next time I am going to use only one small banana
-juice form one orange
– 1 cup of veggie stock
-4 tb of butter
-salt and pepper


1. boil sweet potatoes till you can poke them with a fork.
By boiling the sweet potatoes before you peel them you lose fewer nutrients and its a lot easier to peel.

2. remove one at a time and dunk into a cup of ice water. Then peel away the skin.

3. melt butter and cook banana for about 5 min.

4. cut sweet potatoes and added them and 1 cup of veggie stock and the juice from one orange.

5. Mash potatoes, if they are still a little hard cook till done.
I then transferred to a crock pot.
I may have forgotten to take a picture of the finished product. The kitchen kinda got crazy at this time.

Here is a picture of some of the food that was made.

Including Tessa’s aunts corn dish made by Tessa

Green bean casserole made by Rachel

I also made a yummy mushroom gravy, which Amy stepped in and finished for me so I could work on other things.

Including cutting the turkey up

While there was complete chaos in the kitchen Danielle successfully set up setting for 19 people.

There was also lots of socializing

Matt and Bryan decided to make 16 pounds of mashed potatoes.

Everyone sitting right before we ate.

My dinner!

I already at the yellow beans that DK made and the croissant that Mallory made. I had turkey, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, corn dish, green beans and stuffing(made by Danielle)

and my plate at the end

And people enjoying the wonderful food

Sitting around after dinner, being way too full

I am sad I missed taking pictures of a lot of the food, including croissant by Mallory, fancy bread by Scott, Dana’s cranberries and her enchiladas πŸ™‚ Dk yellow-green bean dish and Steph’s fancy Hors d’oeuvre. All of the deserts, including Mikes banana bread, Amy’s berry crips and Binnaz very yummy cookies… I might be forgetting something… sorry if I did.

Again, Thank you everyone for joining us for our Thanksgiving dinner, Love you guys.


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