Family Thanksgiving

This years Thanksgiving my family shared the duties of making our meal. My grandparents made the turkey and provided some of the dessert. My Aunt and Uncle brought a suger dessert. My parents made rice stuffing and masshed potatoes. I made a veggie plater with homemade hummus, bake carrots and brussel sprouts.



fresh veggies

fresh veggies

Cheese and crackers

Cheese and crackers


Baked carrots

I found the recipe at this blog.

Next time I am going to cook for quite a bit longer. Maybe 2x as long as the recipe calls for. I like carrots to be very soft. 


Brussel sprouts

-I found the recipe here.  My family loved these and I definitely plan on making them again. 

mushroom turkey gravy with tapioca starch

mushroom turkey gravy with tapioca starch


My mom’s stuffing

-Normally I don’t like rice stuffing but this year I really enjoyed it. 


My Mom’s mashed potatoes

-I planned on making potatoes but stupidly forgot to buy them. My parents saved the day by having some on hand.


My grandparents Turkey


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