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Cupcakes- WOW

Cupcakes that I make for a Halloween party last weekend. All of them we gone by the time that we left. My favorite part was the 5 different kinds of sprinkles .

Wild of Wednesday

-I am looking forward to becoming a member of Knockout bodies gym. Tomorrow, I am going to a kickboxing cardio class, yay for being active.

– Recently, I met a guy who also enjoys pistol shooting, after talking to him I really, really want to go shooting. I will either go out to his place and shot on his land or go to a local gun range. Danielle, my wonderful roommate ran to my parents house and picked up some ammo and targets from my wonderful papa, so it wont even cost that much.

– Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and this year I am going to three different ones. One for my my roommates and close friends, one for Ben’s family and last one at my grandparents house. There will be pictures of the dinner we make at our house.

-Oh, last but not least, Ben and I are getting out engagement pictures soon. Very very exciting, we are going to take them on the stone arch bridge, there going to be amazing.